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Creative Arts support all areas of child development. A believer in this philosophy, VanGo Pottery offers a variety of Art Enrichment Programs.

Clay Buste

Preschool Enrichment Programs

Our unique preschool enrichment program is designed to teach children a variety of pottery painting and clay sculpting techniques. Each week, children begin a new and exciting theme-based project that becomes a functional work of art. As they learn about shape, size, color, and texture, children learn to express their ideas and feelings in new and creative ways.

Kids Painting

After School and Summer Programs

Our after school and summer programs are open to children of all ages. These classes give children the opportunity to create functional works of art in a fun, relaxed setting.


Preschool and Childcare Facility Directors

Contact your VanGo Pottery representative to learn more about incorporating our enrichment programs into your center.



Inquire at your child’s school to see if they offer VanGo Pottery enrichment programs.